The Salisbury Jaycees Foundation, Inc. was created in 1975 to accumulate funds by gift and investment that benefit local youth of the Salisbury community.   It is the intent of the Foundation to promote, sponsor and carry out charitable fundraising that benefits the annual Children’s Christmas Shopping tour, sponsored by our affiliate organization the Salisbury Jaycees Inc.    In addition, it is the intent of the Salisbury Jaycees Foundation Inc to explore other opportunities in the future that will further strengthen the growth and development of our community’s local youth.   

A Brief History... 

The Salisbury Jaycees Foundation, Inc was formed in April of 1975.  Its primary purpose was to assist the Salisbury Jaycees with fundraising for their annual Children’s Christmas Shopping tour.   

Over the years, thanks to the support of our generous donors, the Foundation has grown. We are fortunate to have had leadership that has paved the way for our continued strength and growth.     

The Salisbury Jaycees Foundation Inc. is also proud to provide support and guidance to the members of their affiliate organization the Salisbury Jaycees Inc.